in historic downtown Dayton, TN
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Artisans A - L

Many local artists exhibit their art and craft at ArtCrafters. Several aritsans rent studio space and paint several days a week.   There are also over forty artisans with a limited number of arts or crafts on consignment.  Due to space limitations, we will only present the artisans renting booth space.  Along with a short description of their work, is included a picture of their booth.  All artisans come from Dayton and the surrounding area.  This page is Artisans A - L.

April Ables
(Candles/Me and My House Products)

April is no stranger to Dayton or the community. Specializing in hand-made candles, tarts, car fresheners and warmers are available for any gift or personal use. Prices range from $2.50-$35.
  Jean & Rozann Chalfant, Donna Guest
(Bottle Benders)

Located in northeast Georgia, Bottle Benders makes a wide variety of glass chimes. Yes, they are recycled, real glass. The colors are blue, green, yellow, and clear. Other really bright colors are painted on the glass. Prices range from $36 to $65.
  Robin Champagne

Robin lives in Decatur. She uses various mediums for her artworks and has them as originals or as prints on canvas, slates, weatherproof...the list goes on. Her subjects vary, also, from folk and fun to the serious. Each picture has a story of its origin.
Julie Conley

This busy wife and mother is from Dayton and has a great talent with yarns. A crochet hook flies with Julie when making the variety of items that would make any age pleased to receive. Besides wearable things, her "zoo or farm" animals and dolls and toys are a specialty.
Tim & Eva Cruver

Former General Store owners, Tim & Eva have selected Dayton TN souvenirs to house with us. Tim does sketches & paintings, Eva continues to do Pampered Chef, and they both are still able to do photo restoration.
  Sylvia Coppola
(Duck Creek Pottery)

Sylvia has been working in clay since 1976.  Duck Creek Pottery was established in 1989 at her Union County farm, where she works as a studio potter.  Her work has grown and evolved from round wheel thrown forms, to thrown and altered worked and hand-built pots. Teapots are one of her specialties.

Patty Duvall
(Greeting Cards)

Any day is always a good day to give cards. Patty creates hand-crafted greeting cards for any occasion. She loves using punches and stamps; so, they are a hands-on made card from the heart.

  Bill & Becky Ensinger

Handcrafted goats milk soaps made from award winning Alpine Dairy goats.  These wonderfully scented soaps are a special treat for your body being rich in vitamins and minerals and natural moisturizers.  Also available are a variety of lotions and lip balms.
  George Ettenheim

Local artist and all around helper is a big help to ArtCrafters with his art abilities. George works with several types of mediums- leather, fabric, metal, sketching and paintings.
   Sally Fleming

Sally is enthusiastic and paints with the same enthusiasm.  Besides these large paintings, Sally likes to do smaller paintings of watercolor. Some favorite medium she uses is tissue paper. All are a must-see.
Dawn Gardner

Besides being a wife, mother, and teacher, Dawn has talents in making seasonal wreaths, jewelry, and bees wax candles plus, jars of honey from their own bee hives.
Audrey Henderson
(Sugar & Spice Boutique)

In addition to being a wife, and mother, Audrey takes time to make beautiful hair bows. These are lovely for any girl for any  occasion. (maybe even for a doll or a puppy)
Excellent quality at reasonable prices!

Virgil Jones
(Virgil's Art Glass)

Virgil Jones of Ashville, NC creates beautiful Fairy and Friendship Balls.  His art glass is a contemporary combination of unique old style skills with modern hand-blown furnace work.  Prices range from $12.50 to $25.50.  Come in to see this beautiful art.
Michele Kerr
(floral arrangements)

New to Dayton area and has a passions for floral arranging. Michele can do any arrangement for any season or occasion. There is no need to water or prune. Prices vary from $9.95-$59.95. Great for adding warmth to anyone's room.
  Dan & Cindi Knappen

Owner of ArtCrafters, in his much-needed spare time, Dan makes wooden state clocks (usually by special order). He, also, likes to dabble in coin collecting; and is on hand every two weeks to help answer questions regarding any of the above.

  Dennis Knappen
(Sandy Oaks)           

Owner of ArtCrafters, Denny, is also very artistic. His passion is creating wood designs in intarsia and scrollsawing from seasonal to personalizing the wood pieces.
His talents are amazing.
  Dianne Knappen
(Stampin' 4 Ewe)

Owner of ArtCrafters, Di Knappen is very talented with rubber stamping. The cabinet holds more than 2,500 stamps and supplies. She also does crocheted names that would beautify any home.

  Margaret Liston

Margaret has a special talent in capturing the details of wildlife and country settings whether it is on canvas and wood, or glass ball ornaments.
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