in historic downtown Dayton, TN
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Artisans M - Z

Do to the increase number of artists at ArtCrafters, we have split the list into two pages.  This page is for artists M - Z.

Cindy Mallalieu
(Studio at Wannabee Manor)

Cindy is a self-taught Mixed Media Artist, wife,
grandmother and retired electrician, working with ceramics, wood, metal, recycled fabric and beads. All her handcrafted items are unique and one of a kind.
Tonya and Jerry Martin

This special couple are local crafters who keep busy with their hands creating crochet and wooden items for indoor or outdoor decor; something for any age.
Kaye McClanahan

Kaye and Sara are two retired sisters who love to sew and create with beautiful fabrics. They love to quilt and make unique, practical items to share with others.
Nell Moretz

Miss Nell has her painting studio here in ArtCrafters and spends several hours a week on projects. Her specialty has been birds, fowls, fish and flowers on canvas and wood. It is a joy to be able to watch her creations come to life.
Leah O'Neil
(Gypsie Creations)

Gypsy-eclectic is the perfect theme for Leah. The items are the results of thoughts when traveling with her husband. And now, the ideas have culminated into fruition on this unique display-jewelry, candles, soaps, canned fruits, stitchery, pictures.
Sue Petitte

Sue has a definite eye for home decor. She has some linens, handmade cards, candles, metal and wooden things; a great folk art booth.
Jim & Dee Price
(Priceless Creations)
Owner of ArtCrafters, Jim, Dee and family design jewelry, from plain to elegant; seasonal and personalized, even as personalized as Mother's jewelry. The imagination and designs are endless.
Dorothy Robertson
(Beads N Braids)

Dorothy loves working with tiny things. I mean to say- earrings and bracelets are with tiny, woven beads; also, tatted earrings and window hangings. A must-see up close and personal.
Not displayed, is her love for designing bridal veils and dog collars with beads.
Ricky Smith
(Smith Nature Photography)

Ricky captures various, and obscure, landscapes. These photos are a nice size for any room and collection; basic 8x10.
Judy & Marvin Snyder
(The Gift Horse)

This husband and wife team have a fun talent for handmade country items. From cake testers, wall decor to desk or table decor. They love the flair for TN colors, and the good ole' Rocky Top' music buttons. These are great for decorating all seasons and events.
Ginger Sumerlin
(Sumerlin Photography)

Ginger is a professional photographer who takes 'your' picture anywhere around the area. She has a great imagination for a variety of settings to capture people, and for any occasion.
Becky White
(Sweet Art Cakes)

Becky`s beautiful cakes are designed for any special occasion and will satisfy any sweet tooth. Look through her portfolio and meet with her here at ArtCrafters, or connect through her website.

If you would like to see more of her work, please Click Here
Michael White

There are so many awesome 'shots' to be captured on film around Dayton and the surrounding area. Michael does just that!
He loves to do workshops in photography and, also, cameras-101.

 Mary Whittle
(Whittle Art Studio)

Mary's expertise lies in metal-workings. She has created for you some beautiful jewelry pieces using copper, silver.....and finishing them with enamel and adding a hand-painted design of her own works; along with dichroic, glass pendants. Mary, also, is an artist on paper.
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