in historic downtown Dayton, TN
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Current Gallery

ArtCrafters supports local artists.  We have a gallery wall dedicated to showcase artists in and around the Dayton area.  Exhibits are on display for a three to four week period.  We intend to use this page to showcase the current exhibit.  If you can not attend the exhibit at ArtCrafters, check out this page.  If you would like to encourage the artist, email a comment to and we will pass the comment onto the artist.  Stop by often to see what is on our gallery wall.

Featured on the Gallery Wall through the month of November is the "Extra-Ordinary Collection" honoring 5 artists from ArtCrafters. There is Gelatin Prints, Lechtinburg art, Pebble Art, Sew-N-Sail, and Tissue Paper Art. Very, very unique talents! Much better appreciated up close and personal.

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