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Custom Framing

Since becoming the new owners in 2009, we learned a lot about the value and importance of custom framing.  Custom framing not only adds beauty to home decor but also preserves precious memories.  There are many choices of mouldings and mats to choose from to create a unique look just for you.  Circle and oval mat and glass cut outs are also available.  Listed below are some of the categories.

Original art and prints are the most popular category of framing accomplished here at ArtCrafters.  We have many local artists, with two artist studios located in our store.  It is a privilege to custom frame many of these fine works of art.  We provide museum and conservation custom framing upon request.

Family Photographs are a joy to frame.  When a completed work is picked up, faces light up when they see their loved ones in a beautiful frame surrounded by a complimentary mat.  We have 'Custom Imaging' capabilities as well which allows us to correct and enlarge an image.  We can also print the image onto canvas.

Diplomas and Certificates are a growing part of our business.  With Bryan College located nearby, we frame many diplomas for graduates and certificates for local businesses.  Custom framing ranges from very basic to special requests including 'initial cutouts'.

Needlework Art is a very large category.  The opportunities are endless from crocheted names to antique quilt squares.  We have fun framing these special projects.  We also have had the privilege and joy to frame an American flag that had flown over 600 miles on the back of a "humvee" in Iraq which was given to a local high school teacher.

Memorabilia Collections is limited only by your imagination.  People bring in many unique items to frame.  Some of the items framed are jewelry, indian artifacts, special t-shirts, dried flowers, old uniforms, military patches and coins, even an old oil painting set in an antique frame.  We have also designed a shadowbox frame where the front is hinged so that the item can be used as well as displayed.  We have also made a shadowbox with light reflecting from the inside to enhance a family photo.  (very cool!)

Posters is the simplest category to frame.  People are looking for something very simple, yet attractive.  We have very basic frames including metal and matte black wood to enhance any poster you might like to have framed.
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